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Pre-employment and contractor screening



We invest as much effort into protecting personal information of our clients, as we put into securing our own private data. Our equipment is certified by the standards of the Russian regulatory agency (the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Telecom, Information Technologies and Mass Communications) and designed to protect information subject to bank secrecy. All Infocorps employees are obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Expertise & experience

We draw on expertise and over 20 years’ experience of Staf-Alliance Security Group in terms of risk assessment and decision-making assistance. Most Infocorps professionals graduated from the leading universities of Russia and the United States and have an average of 5 years work experience in the security industry.

Use of primary sources

We do not rely on any services of the information brokers that aggregate data from various sources. We believe that the utmost reliable information can be collated from primary sources only: education must be verified through educational institutions, professional experience must be confirmed by co-workers and line managers. Even then we always double-check our data via alternative channels.



It is against our principles to mislead clients or hide information from them, as we are always eager to keep our clients fully informed in a clear and fair manner.


Yuri A. Pokalyuk

Yuri A. Pokalyuk


An alumnus of the St. Petersburg State University, Yuri has 6 year experience in consulting and working with the European private intelligence agency. His professional background includes leading the Informational Department at one of the biggest security groups in Northwest Russia. He is an author of several publications about corporate govarnance and risk management.
His practice areas cover anti-corruption efforts and corporate fraud investigation.

Alexei Karklin

Alexei Karklin

Chief analyst

Alexey specializes in economic security issues. Prior to joining Infocorps he served as an Advisor of the Rector for International Affairs at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON). He also works with the Analytical Department at one of St. Petersburg consulting firms.
An expert in security and risk assessment, Alexey advised a number of large western companies on entering Russian market.

Yulia Kaneva

Yulia Kaneva

Analyst, Project coordinator

Yulia graduated from the St. Petersburg State University majoring in legal translation and undertook an internship in Sweden. Since 2013 she has been working with the Staf-Alliance Analytical Department, specializing in cross-border security research for western partners. Main fields of her professional interest include anti-corruption efforts in Russia and common law countries as well as personal data protection.
Yulia has extensive experience in reputation checks of top and middle level management, corporate due diligence and asset tracing.

Elizaveta Lurie

Elizaveta Lurie

Analyst, Pre-employment screening specialist

Elizaveta started her career with the Informational Department of the private security company and was eventually promoted to CEO Assistant.
She has been working with Infocorps for 2 years, being responsible for pre-employment screening and maintaining contacts with educational institutions.

Our company emerged in response to modern trends of security market, which is experiencing a growing need for more quality, complex and, most importantly, legal services. Intellectual security services here in Russia are no longer marketed as some bonus to physical security services and technical aid installment.

Assistance in decision-making requires not only proficiency and high level of expertise (in law, finance, international relations), but also a good awareness of the current business environment. I am delighted that our company can deliver high level of such service to our clients.

Yuri A. Pokalyuk, CEO

Many market players in Russia consider pre-employment and contractor screening as a secondary business area. Some of them focus on physical security services, recruiting and software distribution instead. We specialize in pre-employment and contractor checks and take pride in our quality service:

Not a security company

We prefer quality over inclusiveness, as we offer neither physical security services nor technical aid installments (e.g. access control, CCTV).

Not a recruiting agency

Any chance of our involvement with job applicants’ success or failure is minimized.

Not a database provider

Our clients receive a comprehensive report made by highly competent professionals, who have direct access to primary sources. We do not supply our clients with raw data from any open or private databases.